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Elected District Officers 2021 – 2022

Our Incoming District Officers for July 2021 – June 2022:

District Director Elect Stephen Budai DTM

✦ District Director-Elect Stephen Budai DTM


Program Quality Director Elect Wendy Wickliffe DTM

✦ Program Quality Director-Elect Wendy Wickliffe DTM




✦ Club Growth Director-Elect James Hippolite DTM


Division K Director Elect Sabrina Naseem LD4

✦ Division K Director-Elect Sabrina Naseem LD4


Division L Director Elect Suzy Elks LD3

✦ Division L Director-Elect Suzy Elks LD3


Division M Director Elect Shyamal Maharaj ACB & CL

✦ Division M Director-Elect Shyamal Maharaj, ACB & CL


Division N Director Elect Angela Radosits SR1

✦ Division N Director-Elect Angela Radosits SR1


Division O Director Elect Ben Ross SR5

✦ Division O Director-Elect Ben Ross SR5


Division P Director Elect Isabel Carter DTM

✦ Division P Director-Elect Isabel Carter DTM


During the Toastmasters New Zealand North (District 112) Virtual District Council Meeting the following candidate has been elected: Division Q Director-Elect Richard Perkins DTM

✦ Division Q Director-Elect RICHARD PERKINS DTM


Division R Director Elect Neville Ishwerwood DTM

✦ Division R Director-Elect Neville Ishwerwood DTM


Immediate Past DIstrict Director Sharon Kerr-Phillips DTM

Current District Director Sharon Kerr-Phillips DTM will become our Immediate Past District Director on 1 July 2021



Toastmasters New Zealand North District 112 Top Table 2021 - 2022



✦ District Director-Elect Stephen Budai DTM 

✦ Program Quality Director-Elect Wendy Wickliffe DTM 

✦ Club Growth Director-Elect James Hippolite DTM 

✦ Immediate Past District Director-Elect Sharon Kerr-Phillips DTM 

✦ Administration Manager-Select Marlene Krone DTM

✦ Public Relations Manager-Select Elizabeth Viljoen 

✦ Finance Manager-Select Baptist Lobo DTM 

✦ Logistics Manager-Select John O’Leary DTM 


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