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The success of a district, its clubs and its members depends on how well leader executes the responsibilities of their roles. If you’re a leader, checkout the resources here!

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Communication adds to or subtracts from our efforts to build solid relationships. It demonstrates our competence and confidence…. or not. Like any skill worth having, it requires an investment of practice and coaching and the dividends are invaluable. See the resources here for tips and tricks.

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Like to know more about Pathways? This page is a summary of material to help you get started with Pathways, including resources to help you choose your learning path.

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District 112 Calendar

Find out what’s happening in District 112, what events are coming up and get involved with other divisions, areas and clubs – these are fantastic opportunities to network and learn from your peers!

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Why do people join Toastmasters and how do they benefit?

Alongside the club’s support has been my slowly growing confidence in myself, speaking in front of a group of people, all looking at me and listening closely! I do take pride and heart from my hard won experience the realisation that the more often and more frequently you do a scary thing, the less nerve wracking it becomes. And then, also, the more rewarding!
Since I joined Toastmasters, and gained the confidence I needed, my career has advanced rapidly to the extent I have started my own business ‘Sub–Confidence’. I just love the atmosphere, the contribution and the value that Toastmasters provides. It’s an absolute life-changer. It has put me on a whole new level and I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing people!
A Toastmasters club is like a family.

No matter where I go, even in other countries, I know I will be welcomed into a nearby club meeting. I am happier to travel as I know I will be able to attend club meetings and meet people.

Give Toastmasters a Go – it could change your life.
Toastmasters has grown my Confidence which was my major stumbling block. I enjoy the format of the meetings and I am now the Club Vice President for Education. I spoke at my niece’s wedding. I have enrolled in Celebrant Training and completed two weddings and a funeral. I am now able to facilitate community meetings at work - none of which I could have done without Toastmasters.
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