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Find out what’s happening in District 112, what events are coming up and get involved with other divisions, areas and clubs – these are fantastic opportunities to network and learn from your peers!

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Why do people join Toastmasters and how do they benefit?

"The question is not whether you can or you can't - its 'Do you want to?'". This was about emulating an excellent speaker, and I joined Toastmasters because my answer was "Yes". But it has been so much more. I've learned about communication, about collaboration, about informal and formal leadership - and I'm still learning, more now than ever.
Mike Diggins - in formal attire and on stage
Mike Diggins
Maungakiekie Toastmasters
Since I joined Toastmasters, and gained the confidence I needed, my career has advanced rapidly to the extent I have started my own business ‘Sub–Confidence’. I just love the atmosphere, the contribution and the value that Toastmasters provides. It’s an absolute life-changer. It has put me on a whole new level and I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing people!
Justin Thomson
Member since 2013
A Toastmasters club is like a family.

No matter where I go, even in other countries, I know I will be welcomed into a nearby club meeting. I am happier to travel as I know I will be able to attend club meetings and meet people.

Give Toastmasters a Go – it could change your life.
Heather Riches
Taumarunui Club
Toastmasters has grown my Confidence which was my major stumbling block. I enjoy the format of the meetings and I am now the Club Vice President for Education. I spoke at my niece’s wedding. I have enrolled in Celebrant Training and completed two weddings and a funeral. I am now able to facilitate community meetings at work - none of which I could have done without Toastmasters.
Orewa Lunchtime

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