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Speechcraft, Youth Leadership and Gavel Clubs

There are times when what Toastmasters has to offer is useful but you prefer not to, or cannot, take advantage of the full program.

Perhaps you are under 18, the minimum age to become a member, or simply need a refresher course. There could be many reasons why attending regular meetings is difficult – and that is where this page can help.

On this page (to add your information, please contact our webmaster)

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Speechcraft is a short (up to 8 weeks), intense introduction to the basics of public speaking. If you find yourself making presentations often, Speechcraft will help – and if you need more, it is a path to membership of Toastmasters.

Courses are run by Toastmasters clubs; those we know about are listed below, and are usually published on our Calendar as well. They tend to happen in February, May and August. None listed in your area? Please contact

While there is no minimum age restriction, we suggest checking out the Youth Leadership section below for those under 16.

Belmont Toastmasters Course Schedule

Venue:       The Rose Centre 4 School Road, Belmont, Auckland 0622 (click here for a map)

Contact:    Elizabeth


Dates:        Please contact as above for dates, times and costs.

Pacific Toastmasters Course Schedule

Venue:       Manukau Institute of Technology

Contact:    Marlene (

Dates:       Please contact as above for dates, times and costs.

Nga Manu Reo Toastmasters Course Schedule (New Plymouth)

Venue:      Bellringer Pavilion, Pukekura Park, 10 Fillis Street, New Plymouth 4312 (click here for a map)

Contact:   Tracy Bovett at or 020-4001-2124

Dates:      Tue, Feb 20, 2024 at 5:30pm to 7:30pm to Tue, 26March, 2024 (six week course).


Youth Leadership is also a short (normally 8 week), intense introduction to the basics of public speaking. In addition, it encourages confidence in participants and through that, brings out leadership ability. You can find out more on the Toastmasters website at

Courses are run by Toastmasters clubs, most often for schools. Those we know about are listed below, and are usually published on our Calendar as well.  None listed in your area? Please contact

Youth Leadership Course Schedule

Currently, there are no Youth Leadership courses scheduled. If you would like a local Toastmasters club to run one at your school or youth facility, please contact


A Gavel Club’s day to day operations are the same as any other Toastmasters club – but this is a club for those who cannot be regular Toastmasters. These fall into two groups: those under 18 (typical membership is 11 to 17), and those unable to participate fully. For example, such clubs have formed to help with speech therapy for those recovering from strokes affecting their ability to speak.

Gavel Clubs do not, apart from club activities, participate in the wider operation of Toastmasters such as competition; however they can and do hold speech contests in their own right. For more information, please contact

Gavel Clubs are usually associated with one or more Toastmasters clubs, and sometimes run under the sponsorship of schools or youth facilities.

MC UTH GAVEL CLUB (Manukau City)

MC UTH GAVEL CLUB is designed for young people aged 11-17 years to improve their communication skills, build confidence and develop leadership skills with quality. 

Frequency of meetings:   Weekly on Wednesdays during school term from 6pm to 7pm

Place:                                   9 Lambie Drive, Manukau, South Auckland

Mode of meetings:           In-person. Members may attend online if joining from overseas or away from Auckland

Fees:                                    $90.00 per child (Includes course material)

Joining fee:                         $50.00 

Speech competitions:      Conducted annually, in the last week of November or first week of December

Contact person:                 Warren Christie – 021 126 0390

Everyone is welcome. The only criteria is that you participate and improve yourself. All levels of confidence are encouraged.  


At Word Masters, we help stroke survivors with aphasia find their voiceMembers take part in Table Topics and present speeches. Their presentations are evaluated and they receive instant feedback on their project.

Family members or friends can attend meetings to support our members’ varying needs.

Frequency of meetings:   We meet on the first three Fridays of every month from 10.30am to 12 noon.

Place:                                   Masonic Village Hall, Maunu Road, Whangarei 0110 (click here for a map)

Mode of meetings:            In-person.

Facebook:                           Word Masters Whangarei Aphasia Gavel Club

Contact person:                 Rose – 09-435 5555 or email 

Our first meeting for 2024 will be on Friday 9th February.

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