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This page provides email contact information for clubs and officers for Toastmasters District 112.

If you prefer to use a map, please click this “Find A Club” link. The link defaults to Auckland – for other locations, enter the town you want in the first box and click the magnifying glass to the right. You can change the search radius (middle box) and also look for club types under “Search options”.

Almost 200 clubs is a lot to serve. Toastmasters District 112 (New Zealand, North) is organised into eight Divisions of about five Areas each. Each Area serves up to six clubs.

Each Division is served by a Division Director; each area by an Area Director. The structure is on geographical lines, as follows:

Please click the links above for details of each Division. Links open in a new tab.

The formal District Leadership team is eight strong, led by the District Director. In addition there are a number of Field Officers for specialist roles.

For a contact list for the Leadership team, please click here.

For a contact list for Field Officers, please click here.