DISTRICT 112 NEWSLETTER – October 2020

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Click here to read the October 2020 Newsletter – or watch the embedded video by clicking on the team’s pictures. Note the corrected date of the Town Hall meeting – MONDAY, Nov 9, 2020 – 07:30 PM Please register to attend: https://zoom.us/meeting/register/tJwufumuqTMrHdej_84TfEdbE1mY0CqoBE6u

District 112 Town Hall Meeting on October 2, at 6:30pm

All District 112 members are invited to a meeting where you can ask questions to the Top Table members – Sharon Kerr-Phillips DTM (District Director), Stephen Budai DTM (Program Quality Director), Wendy Wickliffe DTM (Club Growth Director), James Hippolite DTM (Administration Manager), and Elizabeth Viljoen (Public Relations Manager). Chairman: Stephen Budai DTM, Program Quality Director … Read more