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Toastmasters new Zealand North Newsletter | February 2021

District Director, Sharon Kerr-Phillips, DTM: People – The Primary Highlight – The People, Confidence and Mentors, Thank You and Additional COT session, Our PRM Wants to Help You, Online District Conference, Turning COVID challenges into Opportunities, New Format Speechcraft Course Workshops, Area Director Nominations and Deadline.
Program Quality Director, Stephen Budai, DTM: Area Director Peer Group, Pathways Progress to 16 February 2021, Club Officer Training Round Two (DONE!), Evaluation and International Speech Contests
Club Growth Director, Wendy Wickliffe, DTM: Club Growth (New Clubs incentive EXTENDED!), Club Retention (CLUB COACHES NEEDED!), Marketing Campaigns (WOOHOO!)
Speciality List, Rose Oosthuysen, DTM and Shane Fenton, DTM: Yes, you are an expert!
Public Relations Manager, Elizabeth Viljoen: 5 GREAT TIPS on boosting your confidence!

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