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An evening of fun and laughter in Rotorua

Selwyn Bennett Speech Contest

The Rotorua Little Theatre (aka Shambles Theatre) resounded to laughter and applause recently, when Pioneers Toastmasters hosted the annual Selwyn Bennett speech contest. Mr Bennett was originally a member of Rotorua Toastmasters and donated the trophy in 2009.

Seven clubs in Rotorua

There is friendly rivalry among the seven Toastmasters Clubs in Rotorua to win the contest, which this year was a humorous contest with the theme “What could possibly go wrong?” Based on the speeches of the eleven contestants, just about everything could go wrong! Among the hilarious speeches, one contestant described giving driving lessons to teenage twins; another told of stressful driving on the wrong side of the road in the USA; and a third fearfully watched as her father demanded that gang members pick up their rubbish.

This year’s winners

However, the winner on the night was Lynley Deane of Pioneers Toastmasters, who described taking her two granddaughters—one a baby and the other a toddler—and a destructive puppy for a walk, with all ending up sailing down the river on a pontoon. Second was Paul Stewart, also from Pioneers Toastmasters,  who decided that getting two dogs instead of having the ‘baby talk’ with his partner was an easy option. Third was Rose Olive of Arawa Toastmasters, who, in an attempt to provide her children with sex education got guinea pigs, chickens, and a cat – with disastrous results.

The theatre provided a wonderful venue for the evening and Pioneers Toastmasters would like to thank the volunteers from the theatre for their help in ensuring that the audience of Toastmasters, friends and family, and members of the public were well taken care of.

About Toastmasters in Rotorua

Toastmasters is an international organisation which not only helps with public speaking, but with communication in general, and also provides leadership opportunities. It encourages and supports the development of skills and self-confidence that can be used in everyday life, both personal and professional. The seven Toastmasters clubs in Rotorua meet at various times – early morning, lunchtime and evening, and on various days – Monday to Thursday, to meet the needs of anyone who wishes to join a club. To experience what Toastmasters offers, contact Wendy on 0211764715 or email for information about the clubs.

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