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District Director Newsletter Nov 2018

District 112 Director Report

Greetings valued members of District 112.

I am writing this update on 30th October.

As I write I am reflecting on our current weather patterns.  Last week it felt like summer with gloriously warm sunny days and, this week the tables have turned and the temperatures have dropped with inclement weather that has now moved in where I reside in Taupo.  My reflection is based around how our clubs often correlate to different factors such as the seasons that are out of our actual


Whilst we in District 112 have a significant number of clubs that have high membership and are vibrant, energetic and flourishing; we also have a number of clubs that require assistance and guidance to enhance membership growth and improve their club culture.  In short, for both strong and developing clubs, sometimes all is not what it seems from the outside and we cannot afford to be complacent.  Your committed Area Directors are the key link in assisting us, the Top Table and Division Directors, as to how you, as a club, are operating from grass roots level.  The more information you share with the Area Directors who are there to support you, the more specific assistance is able to be offered to clubs who are willing to receive in a timely manner.  Please know, we, as your District Officers, are here to help so please don’t hesitate to touch base with us at any time.

As the member of a club, I encourage you in one of your next meetings to take a little time and run an Educational on the “Club Mission” – “We provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.”  Divide this mission  into three sections and discuss in groups.  Allow the results of the group feedback to set a platform for club development over the next few months and observe the changes that take place.

I leave you in this issue with one of my favourite quotes:

“If you get out of Toastmasters all that you can get out of Toastmasters, you will never get out of Toastmasters.” – Helen Blanchard, Toastmasters International President 1986-87.

Toastfully yours

Toni Sharp QSM DTM – District 112 Director

021 1147 254  


District 112 Public Relations Manager Report

D112 Facebook –  page has been very active in responding to requests and articles. Thanks for your support in this as it is steadily getting the Toastmaster name out there some 41,951 people reached since July.

RUN THE RED Marathon Speakathon

We are planning to create a new world record listed in the Guinness Book of

World Records as over 126 hours of continuous speaking. To achieve that Toastmasters International has agreed to let Clubs in District 112 put this together. We only need some 370 Toastmasters! Are you in?

What do you need to do? Speak for 7 minutes to exceed the 7 minute RED light we use at Toastmasters Clubs to ensure we all get a fair go. Hence the project name ‘RUN THE RED’.

This Speakathon will last as long as we can get some 370 plus Toastmasters from ANY Toastmasters District in one location in AUCKLAND at various times over the 6 days needed. So if you are taking time out in March 2019, what better place to visit than Auckland, the City of Sails.

We plan to raise the profile  of Toastmasters, worldwide like never before. It’s all about having the confidence to step up. You need to be part of it, We need you to be part of it.


HPL’s are available for those that need them, helping to organise transport and accommodation. Sponsors are needed – Would you or your company be interested in the publicity, would they like us to offer them a Speechcraft course for their employees.

We are told this is a ‘heck of a challenge’. I say, ‘no problem, we are Toastmasters’!!


Are you in? if you can do 2 speeches exceeding 7 minutes we only need about 370 Toastmasters! The countdown has begun. Let me know you are up for it


CONTACT  –  Email:


My Toastmasters Journey – Justin Thompson

I had heard about Toastmasters from Tony Robbins the Great American Life strategist. That was in 1999. I didn’t join until 2013, after deciding that I needed to conquer my fear of public speaking and wanting to gain much needed confidence.

Since I joined Toastmasters and discovered my passion for speaking, and the confidence that comes with it, I’ve achieved a number of personal goals, including starting my own business, Sub–Confidence. I now teach others how to harness confidence in speaking at a subconscious level, so the confidence

levels are on default. It’s all in our minds! I’ve coached CEOs, School Teachers, Presenters and children.  I just love the atmosphere, the contribution and the value that Toastmasters provides. It’s an absolute life-changer. It has put me on a whole new level and I’ve met so many wonderful and amazing people!

I speak a lot in my job and also mentor and coach. Toastmasters is where I continue to practice and hone my skills. I think we sometimes forget and I’ve been reminded of this from the 2001 World Champion of Public Speaking Darren LaCroix in that,’ it’s not about being the best at Toastmasters, it’s about being the best out in the real world because that’s where your skills truly matter.  



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