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Pathways Level 4 and 5 Projects

For many members, the last two levels are the hardest part. After all, in most cases, you can’t just go to a meeting and do a speech.
This page lets you help your fellow members by showing what you’ve done as a project, why you chose a particular one, and what challenges you overcame. If you’d like to find out more about a topic, please email our Webmaster to get in touch with the member concerned.

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Path in progress: Engage With Humour
Level 4
Name of Project : Write a Compelling Blog

Brief description of project:

In the next few years we will need to downsize and we have too much stuff accumulated over the years. Most has to go – but some carries memories. This blog “Organising for Retirement” aims to collect these memories as stories – and also provide inspiration for the art of decluttering.

Challenges in working the project

Firstly, finding a topic that would be worth writing about in a sustained way. Secondly, learning about the style choices of blogs, how to balance text and media. Mainly, time management- I'd never even kept a diary and the idea of reserving time regularly for on-going storytelling was alien.

How those challenges were resolved 

The topic came over time, when it became clear that downsizing was a long process. If anybody else reads it, great - but I was writing for myself as much as anything. Style was and is a work in progress; its hard to find appropriate images for most of the stories. The same for time management - I've learned you spend much more time thinking about what to write than writing, and the thinking can be done at any time. A decent notebook for preliminary thoughts has proved to be invaluable.
Item added by : Mike Diggins
Path in progress: Dynamic Leadership
Level 4
Name of Project : Question and Answer Session

Brief description of project:

Q&A session on making the most of Pathways. This was given at a club that had had a recent influx of new members, as well as some experienced members who rarely do speeches and therefore were not very familiar with the Pathways system.

Challenges in working the project

Not knowing whether enough people would interact and ask questions. Planning how to keep the session to time, without knowing in advance which questions would be asked.

How those challenges were resolved 

Planned the session in 3 sections, each with a short introduction/demonstration before opening up to questions on that topic. Prepared an outline with timings and key messages for each section, to allow the Q&A session to flow flexibly while still keeping within the overall time allocated. Had a starter question prepared for each section in case nobody asked.
Item added by : Amy Overington