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Club Meetings – Resources to give ideas on running effective, high quality meetings

Meeting in Person 

Online and Hybrid Meetings

Conferences – Hints on running great conferences for your area, division  or district

  • Conference Bid form, the starting point in running a conference
  • 2022 Workshop – “Speech as a Sense” by Jon Hunter
  • 2022 Workshop – “Don’t Dis My Ability”, session 1, with Toni Sharp. Accessibility isn’t what you think.
  • 2022 Workshop – “Don’t Dis My Ability”, session 2, with Toni Sharp. Accessibility isn’t what you think.
  • 2022 Workshop – “Confidence With The Camera”, with Walter Neilands
  • 2022 Workshop – “How to Eat an Elephant” – or put a podcast together – with Jan Stroup

How to run a contest and enjoy the process – Tips to help you whether you are organising, competing or judging

Councils – How to get the best out of your council meeting, at any level

Events – Past, present, future and regularly repeating events

Membership – Tips to help you get the best out of being a member of Toastmasters

How you can help yourself

How you can help Toastmasters – and yourself

Officers – What you need to be an effective Club or District Officer

Pathways – Understanding the educational programme and how to use it well

  • What you need to know depends on why you need to know it – on the role you are playing
    • For general information, try the Quick Link from our homepage
    • To help you get started as a member, this page gives the “unofficial” basics for tasks such as choosing a path
    • As a Club Officer, this page will help you make sense of Base Camp – and help you answer questions with confidence
    • District Officers support Club Officers – our District Support page helps you do just that
  • Online or hybrid meetings? Here’s how to get started with Zoom
  • Need help – either yourself or you club? Find out about our Pathways Champions Group
  • To find out more, join the Pathways Discussion Forum – a friendly Facebook group knowledgeable about Pathways
  • Most Pathways tutorials are now on YouTube – this index gives an idea of what becomes important and when
  • There are many ways of choosing a path. Here you’ll find different way of looking at the process:
  • Julie Kertesz’s Pathways blog – a well-written  inspiration to make paths relevant to you
  • WordPress course on how to get started with a blog
  • There are various ways of tracking progress, especially if you are doing multiple paths in multiple clubs:
  • How to automate data extraction from Leadership Central – step by step from “Tech for Toastmasters” (some tech skills needed)

Publicity – Help with promoting your club and Toastmasters

Training – Resources to help with training – given and received