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Resources For District Officers

The intention of this page is to help you enjoy your role as a District leader and get the best learning from it.

You’ll also meet the District team and learn what they do.

The vast majority of this information is available to every Toastmasters member. As such, helping your team become aware of useful information is a great educational topic for your Council meetings.

Table of Contents

Reference Resources

Your best resources are in the “District Tools” section of Leadership Central. In particular the District Leadership Handbook will help you get the best out of your role. Please note: although most of the District Tools resources are generally available to Toastmasters members, some content (such as the District Leader Kit) is restricted to District Officers only.

You will also find the “Advanced Find A Club” search useful as it allows to you download information about your clubs. In particular, it shows which clubs may not be aware of the District-provided email address (e.g. that is used for District communication. Clubs that do not use that address are not communicating well with the District team. If you find an address not being used, the club may not be aware of how to change it. In that case, it is worth offering to review their details in Club Central with them.

The Toastmasters Resource Library is invaluable, but note there is no link to the library from the Resources page – please choose it from the Resources sub-menu. Almost every document published as a manual – and many that are not – are available in this library.

TIP: The resource library is much easier to handle if you select a Category first – either the type of program or the language you want. To search, click the magnifying glass on the right.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Just as Toastmasters has a resource library for documents, it has an FAQ list for questions. Like the Resource Library, this is also categorised, but as a menu.

To view the answer to a question, click the “Plus” sign to the right of the question.

Governing Documents and Bylaws

You’ll find the Governing Documents under Leadership Central on this page. The Toastmasters International board defines how the organisation works, and what Districts and Clubs are required to do.

A District may, within limits, set its own Administrative and Operating Procedures; those for District 112 are given on the District Documents page. These may be changed by a majority vote in a District Council Business Meeting.

A club also has a range of “Standard Options” that are set using Club Central; these may be changed by a majority vote in a Business Meeting.

Each District appoints a District Parliamentarian to assist its Executive in interpreting these documents. Contact details for the District 112 Parliamentarian are on the leadership team contact list.

District Documents and Other Resources

“District Documents” include:

  • Procedures specific to District 112
  • Promotional funding and expense applications
  • Documents supplied to, and the minutes of, District Executive and Council meetings
  • Contest scripts
  • The District Conference handbook

You’ll find these documents, as part of the “District” Member  Links, on this pageas a District Officer, we suggest you check out the Member Link itself as well.

The list on this page may not be complete. If you believe additional documents need including, either contact our Webmaster or add to our suggestions page.

District Stationery

A District has very little need for bespoke stationery as most correspondence is online. However, if stationery with a letterhead is needed, this template is suitable. Please note this is for District correspondence, clubs should not use this template. This is because of the colour coding in the Brand Portal – blue represents Clubs, while maroon represents Districts.

Staying In Touch via eMail

The “Find A Club” section of the Links For Members area on this site’s home page gives email addresses for each club, District Officer, and Field Officer. You can also get in touch with groups of clubs and officers using the addresses below. This is useful because you don’t have to worry about who is doing a role this year – the District Admin Manager changes role holders in the first week of each year. No-one’s perfect, so if you find an error, please email our Admin Manager.

NOTE: Please use the groups marked ** sparingly; too many emails can be interpreted as spam. Consider whether the monthly Newsletter might be a better way. Also, note the use of “X” and “9” for Division and Area codes below.

The groups are:

To contact:

Every Area Director

Every Division Director

Every Area Director in Division X

Every District Officer

Each member of the “Top Table”

Each member of the D112 Trio

To contact:

Every Club Officer **

All clubs in Division X

All clubs in Area X9