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Table of Contents

Pathways Workshops

“Onboarding” Workshop for Newer Members

This is a monthly online workshop aimed at those who have yet to complete the first level of Pathways – or those who have and would like to know more. The vision is to run this on the 26th of each month (except December)

Topics covered include:

  • Logging in at (with a separate breakout room for those who need a bit of help)
  • Tips on choosing a path, and the various approaches you can use
  • What you need to know when starting your first project
  • What you need to know about completing and registering your first projects
  • A walk through the first “Fundamentals”  level and what to do to complete it

This is your workshop – it doesn’t work until you get involved. There will be time for questions at each step (or if not, ask them anyway) and time to help with issues at the end. Please speak up – you can help the presentation team find what they’ve missed.

“What Do You Want To Talk About?”

This is a hybrid workshop that complements the onboarding session above.

Date: Saturday November 26, 11:00am – 1:00pm (following the “Onboarding” workshop)

Location: Matu’u Room, MIT North Campus, Pasifika Centre, 53 Otara Road, Manukau. Enter via Gate 12 (TBC – please refer to the District Calendar)

Who should attend?

  • Are you sure you are getting the best out of Pathways?
  • Or are you starting a new path rather than beginning a project at a new level?
  • Are you doing projects in strict order – or projects that reflect what you want to say?

  • What has made Pathways special for you?

  • What would you like to learn in the next 18 month to 2 years?

If you need time to answer – then you need to be at this workshop.

What topics are covered?

After this session you will have an insight into using Pathways to enhance what you do outside of Toastmasters.

 In this hybrid session, we cover topics such as

  • Choosing a path
  • Removing the “corporate” view of Pathways
  • Getting the best learning from the program
  • Using Pathways effectively
  • Why you will never give a speech outside of the Pathways programme again

You can attend online via Zoom using the link supplied when you register

OR, you can come along in person – bring your own device for “follow me” segments.

This workshop is hosted jointly by Pacific Toastmasters and Silver Service Toastmasters. Numbers are limited for those attending in person – please register to reserve your space.

Registration is on the session description on the District Calendar.

Web Skills Workshops

Zoom Session Training

If you want to get started on Zoom or develop your skills, this self-directed one-hour online workshop with District ZoomMaster Troy Smith is ideal. Sessions are run monthly, and you need to register in advance on the Calendar. The current session list is

Tuesday, November 8
Thursday, December 1
Wednesday, January 18
Wednesday, February 15
Monday, March 6
Wednesday, March 15
Wednesday, April 19

FreeToastHost Online Workshop

FreeToastHost is web hosting and club management software that is available to every club at no cost.  Around half of the clubs have an FTH site. Are you getting the best out of yours?

If you’re not sure or want to know more, please register for this online workshop.
Date: Saturday, December 10, 9:00 am – 11:00 am
(or until discussion runs out). 
Registration is required; please register on the District Calendar.
The session will be run by FreeToastHost ambassador Jane Atkinson and District Webmaster Mike Diggins.
Subject areas will be:

  • Getting an FTH website started
  • Using your site to attract guests. Note this is not a workshop on web design as such – but it could be the basis for one
  • Using your site as a Club member
  • What Club Officers can do in addition
  • Using the Administration console to
    • Configure the site
    • Membership management
    • Manage the document library
    • Create agenda templates
  • What help is available and how to get it

Please note – this session will be recorded for those who cannot be there

Club and Member workshops

Club Coach Training

There are many more clubs that need coaches than there are coaches. Coaching a club so they can fully participate in Toastmasters is not easy, but it is rewarding and contributes to the Distinguished Toastmaster award.

This online workshop will be run by District Club Growth Director Richard Perkins, DTM, on December 8

Judging Workshop

Contests are a big part of Toastmasters. In recent years they have been held online – so much so that some members may not have seen one in person. It is not just competing, but a chance to practice your networking skills; in fact just going could help complete the Pathways networking project.

You will need to register for this workshop, which is online on Thursday, February 2.