A message from your Webmaster

If you have been using this site recently, you will have seen some changes, and there will be more to come. This page is to ask for your evaluation skills in matters such as

  • What could make the site easier to navigate for you?
  • What is missing that you’d like to see information on?
  • Any glaring errors, embarrassing mis-spellings, or the like?
  • Other suggestions for improvement?

A Quick Summary of Structure

The site is a work in progress, being replaced section by section. The changes try to follow two ideas:

  • Each page has something for every communication style
  • The general public and members of Toastmasters are treated as distinct audiences

Starting at the top left of the homepage, as shown above:

  • Pages that have been replaced will have headings like the one at the top of this page
  • Clicking the logo will always send you “Home”
  • The menu at top left is intended for the general public, being the first thing most will see
  • The “Quick Links” menu on the right is intended to help members find main subject areas
  • If the search box does not return a good result, we’d like to know what you were searching for
  • “What you need to know” is intended to cover recent news of importance to members
  • The buttons above the image are for major events and activities
  • The buttons on the left are major role-based subject areas, and draw your attention to special events of interest
  • The subject areas on “Club Officers” and “Not A Member Yet” (for Guests) are ready for evaluation; the “Members” pages follow in mid-December

Comments and suggestions can be emailed to me at [email protected]. Thanks in advance for your help!

Mike Diggins DTM
D112 Webmaster