Past Events in District 112

Starting mid-September 2021, events will be added to this page, which is intended to serve as a directory. Photo and video galleries will be a part of this. If you have additional images of your event, please feel free to contact the District Webmaster to get them published.

"Playing With Pathways" workshop

Tuesday August 31, ONLINE via Zoom

This workshop is open to any Toastmaster – online limit is 100.

Take a short survey to help us understand our audience.

Not sure about Pathways? Stuck on a level – or a required project?

Too many times, the answers to questions about the Pathway programme include terms like

“Its not what I want to talk about”

“Where’s the fun?”

“Too corporate – not relevant to me”

and the all-time classic


Honest opinions, but not great evaluation. This workshop aims to show that fun and professionalism can and do live in the same programme.