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When You Visit A Club......

…the first thing you can expect is a warm welcome! Not to mention a Visitor Guide and Membership Application Form to take home.

There is no substitute for seeing a meeting first-hand, but the four minute video below gives an excellent summary of how the various roles fit together. At the end, please take a few minutes to watch a couple of the championship-winning speeches, both on stage and online. While doing so, remember these people were just like you when they joined.

Disclaimer: The club you visit may differ from the one shown in the video. There will probably be fewer Americans and some roles may be different, but you will recognise a lot of what is shown in the film.

The Visitor Guide contains an overview of Toastmasters, as well as an Application for Membership to complete under the guidance of a club member. You should expect membership to cost around $NZ300-350 a year, often less. You should also expect to be asked to visit again and join; but if not, and you like what you see, the magic words are “I’d like to join, please”.

If you need to, you can get a current copy of the form by clicking the button below.