Tips For Newbies

You guessed it - This page is intended mainly for newer members

This page is intended to help you make sense of the huge amount of information Toastmasters throws at you when you join. There are only two tips you need.

Tip #1 – Every member is there to help every other

No-one likes to admit they don’t know –  but you are not expected to. What you probably need is a place to start, and that is

  • Your mentor, when (not if) you have one, or if you don’t:
  • Your Vice President of Education, or:
  • Any member you happen to be talking to

The hardest thing to convince a new member of is that there is always someone to ask. Its also the most rewarding thing, because that is how you find mentors. All you have to remember is:

We are not teachers. We are not there to tell you what to do – we are there to show you what you could do, and help you to start doing it.

Tip #2 – Build a Library of Ideas

“Ideas are like rabbits. First you get a couple, then pretty soon you have a dozen” – John Steinbeck.

The one thing many newer members find hard to do is to find that place to start. Here are some ideas that may open doors – whether you walk through them is up to you.

  • Get a small notebook or two. You never know when an idea will strike – Agatha Christie had her best ones while doing the washing up – but you do know that if you don’t capture it, you’ll lose it
  • Google works best if you give it three words to chew on, not two. If in doubt, add “toastmasters” to your search
  • Some find speech ideas are hard to find. Start with yourself – your interests, activities, hobbies, viewpoints. Run them past  the people in Tip #1
  • Explore the Resources area at
  • You can search by item number, that’s why they give them to you. For a start, try 199, 201 and 202. If there is no language given, its in English
  • If you find a better introductory site than this one, please tell your Webmaster
  • The best way to learn to manage Zoom is to set up a session with one other person and go over the basics. Ask them to schedule the meeting
  • Sign up for a free Zoom account – that lets you schedule meetings