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Nominations for District 112 Elected District Officer Positions

Nominations are now open for District Leaders for the term of 2024-2025.

If you or someone you know is interested in taking up a leadership position in the district, please submit a nomination.

Nomination forms are to be emailed to (one nomination form and one officer release form).

If you have any questions about the role and process, email me at, Wendy Wickliffe, Immediate Past District Director, and District Leadership Committee Chair.

A District Team runs each District in Toastmasters New Zealand (or Executive) consisting of the District Director, the Immediate Past District Director, the Program Quality Director, the Club Growth Director, the Finance, Administration and Public Relations Managers, one Division Director per Division and one Area Director per Area. These people are the leaders of Toastmasters in New Zealand, learning to lead by serving the organisation.

Open the headers below to find out what’s involved in being a District Officer and the answers to the most asked questions. You can find contact emails for the team here.

A district officer must be an active member of good standing with Toastmasters International.  A district officer holds one of the following offices: District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Finance Manager, Administration Manager and Public Relations Manager, Division Director or Area Director.  It is their responsibility to run the District and report directly to Toastmasters International.

Insofar as practical, an Area Director should have served on a District Council (Club President or VP of Education). An Area Director is eligible for re-election or re-appointment for one succeeding term only.

A Division Director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a member of a District Council. A Division Director is eligible for re-election for one succeeding term only.

The Club Growth Director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a Club President and at least 12 consecutive months as a Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Division Director or Area Director.

The Program Quality Director shall have served at least six consecutive months as a Club President and at least 12 consecutive months as a Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Division Director or Area Director.

The District Director, at the time of taking office, shall have served at least six consecutive months as a Club President and at least 12 consecutive months as any one of the Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director, Division Director or a combination of Program Quality Director or Club Growth Director and Division Director positions.

For Area Directors, District 112 follows the recommendation from Toastmasters International that the incoming District Director appoints Area Directors.  Applications are sent to the current District Director, who passes them on to the candidate/s for District Director.

Division Directors, Club Growth Directors and Program Quality Directors, along with the District Director, must all be nominated for Office. Members may nominate themselves.  Formal nominations should be sent to the Chairman of the District Leadership Committee no later than the date notified in the call for nominations. Nominations for District 112 elected positions should be sent to

A nominee not nominated by the District Leadership Committee may stand from the floor at the District Council meeting in May 2024.  A floor candidate wishing to stand for election and to participate in the candidate’s showcase and the candidate’s corner must have been through the nomination process and should advise the District Director in writing at least seven days before the meeting of the District  Council to allow sufficient time for preparations to be made.

Under no circumstances will any nomination be accepted without a signed official Toastmasters International Officer Agreement and Release Statement.

Only nominated and accepted candidates may use the District mailing system or website to display their campaign materials.

The biggest cost will be your time. There are Executive meetings during the year. There is also a training session in June for all incoming Area and Division Directors.  Area Directors are also required to visit each club in their Area at least twice during the year.

All District Officers are entitled to have their travel costs reimbursed. However, the details are at the discretion of the District Director each year and must be in line with the District 112 Procedures. Currently, there is a schedule for reimbursing some expenses for travel to District Executive and the District Council meetings. Official Area Director visits to Clubs are also reimbursed for travel, as are expenses related to toll calls and photocopying.

The details are up to you; the more you put in, the more you benefit. Your term as a District Officer will be enhanced as you learn how other Clubs have different cultures while fulfilling the Toastmasters program. Meeting and getting to help other Toastmasters from around your Area will also help extend your communication and leadership skills.

As a District Officer, you will have the opportunity to have a say in how your District is run. Terms in these offices are requirements for achieving Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM) under the Pathways educational program.

Contact your Division or Area Director to discuss how you can help provide District Leadership by becoming a Division or Area Director for the next Toastmasters year, then complete the Nomination form and Release Statement.

Once nominations are received, the District Leadership Committee (DLC) Chairman will contact each nominee individually to explain the process. Links to all information and requirements will be provided at that time.

Any questions concerning the process should be addressed to the DLC Chairman,

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