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Meet the District Team for 2023 - 2024

It takes a large team to run a Toastmasters District. On this page, you’ll find an overview of who’s who. Please scroll down for a list of Area Directors.
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List of Area Directors for 2023 - 2024

Division K

Area K1 – Gavin Lamb
Area K3 – Murray Coutts
Area K4 – Helen Madden

Division L

Area L1 – James Edley
Area L2 – Natalia Ortega
Area L3 – Nick Woods
Area L4 – Rob Wightman

Division M

Area M1 – Clifford Hall
Area M2 – Margot Burton
Area M3 – Lakshmi Ranasinghe
Area M4 – Cedric Marie
Area M5 – Simon Weaver

Division N

Area N1 – Jeremy Bachelier
Area N3 – Dean Ching Yee
Area N4 – Harpreet Kaur
Area N5 – Tim Mahundan

Division O

Area O2 – refer to Division Director
Cameron Phillips
Greg Mulholland
Derek Hiscocke

Division P

Area P1 – Tracy Bovett
Area P2 – Helen Ivess
Area P3 – Craig Holz
Area P4 – Jobet Panton
Area P5 – Paul Vaughan

Division Q

Area Q1 – Luke Kerr
Area Q2 – William Walker
Area Q3 – Paul Jacobs

Division R

Area R1 – Kim Baxter
Area R2 – Julian Leite
Area R3 – Craig R0binson

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