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District 112 Conference - What to do in the Breaks

If you have come to this page by looking for things to do during the breaks – we have a deal for you!

Conference is the perfect time to have a bit of fun and a chance to meet others like you. What’s more, it’s scientifically proven that we learn more and concentrate better after play! 

That’s why this 2022 D112 Conference has optional game breakouts for you to join!

Whether it’s a bit of Charades, test your recall skills or Toastmasters Bingo, be energised and have a laugh this conference 6-8 May!

Not sure of the rules? That’s part of the fun! We’ll do a brief recap, and you’ll still have time to put the kettle on or fetch the tipple of your choice from the fridge.

Go on – you know you want to!