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This page will grow to contain everything you wanted to know about growing your membership (but might have been afraid to ask).

If you can’t find an answer here or on the Officer Resources page, please let our Webmaster know what you were looking for. Try here first, though – just put a couple of keywords into the search box above.

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Everyone asks this sometimes and you have several choices, because every Toastmaster has promised to help where and when they can:

If you’re not the Club President, try there first.

Next, try your Area Director. If your club is in area M7, their email will be 

You can also try your Division Director; for clubs in Division M, that will be

Often the answer is on the TI website, Try the Contact page; if you scroll down a little, there are emails for all the departments at WHQ.

To increase your club’s membership you clearly need to convert guests into members – but you also need to do your best to make sure you don’t lose any as well. The same ideas can apply to both:

If you find out what a member is looking to learn from Toastmasters and make sure they learn it, you will have done the best job you can. While everyone does the same programme, everyone is different so will get something different from it.

Its only to be expected that uncertain times reduce social activities like Toastmasters. Here, you’ll find some hints about getting new members despite the pandemic 

We used to say that the Toastmasters programme sold itself, but a little help is never wasted. The same goes for retaining members – when someone finishes a path (or even a DTM award), they may need help in starting another one.

Of those who leave, two-thirds do so because they don’t see Toastmasters meeting a future need. Those who don’t join are the same. They are looking for the answers to two questions:

“What do I want to learn from Toastmasters next?”

“How is Toastmasters relevant to me?”

Those who want membership growth need to be able to answer those questions, preferably with stories.
You may find Karl Hughes’ presentation on “Meaningful Marketing” useful food for thought; this one-hour session was recorded on July 18, 2021.


The best start is our Visitor Brochure. This was last revised in 2022, so contains up to date information on Pathways. The brochure is available in print; or order a supply, please talk to your Area Director.

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