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See the recording of our FreeToastHost workshop

The link to the recording of our session on December 10 is

A two-hour workshop is a rather large file but break it down into sections and there would be a number of rather large files.

The best way forward was to review the recording and provide approximate start times for each segment. Here they are:

HourMinuteSecondSegment name
0430Overview of FreeToastHost
01240Setting up a new site
0220Summary of FTH structure
02840What the public sees
04130Using the site as a member
05320Using the site as a Club Officer
150Mid-session break
1160Using the site as an Administrator
1310Setting up a new meeting agenda
1400Editing meeting agendas
1480Working with agenda templates
200Tips on handling agendas
250Getting support: user forums and other sources
2120Questions and answers
2250General discussion and close

I’ve contacted the developer of Easy-Speak and hope to have an update by Christmas; I will pass anything I learn on when I get that. In the meantime, the workshop was meant for every member so please feel free to pass on the link and list of segment times.

Mike Diggins – D112 Webmaster

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