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Finding Club Central and Base Camp

During November 2022 there were several upgrades to the Toastmasters International website, The purpose of these was to help the site become more “mobile-friendly”.

The upgrades were done in several stages, resulting in rapid change to the site. As a result, some have said they cannot find features they took for granted, such as Club Central, Base Camp Management, and others.

The upgrade has grouped all the pages you commonly visit under a new heading called “My Home”. Think of it this way:
My Profile shows your details of your Toastmasters account
My Home shows you what you have the ability to do

Layout of the My Home page

These “tiles” are demand-visible. Therefore, if you are not recorded as a Club Officer, you will not see “Club Central” in the Leadership Central section.

To start Pathways in any role click “Go to Base Camp”. You will see the clubs where you are a member; scroll down, and you will see those where you are a Base Camp Manager.

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