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Keynotes and Workshops During Conference 2022

This post was first published on May 13. If you don’t see your session of interest here, check back over the next few days; the intention is to publish them all right here.

"Don't Dis My Ability" - Accessibility Workshop

Presenters: Mike Diggins DTM, Carolyn Peat PM3, and Toni Sharp DTM PDD QSM.
Introduced by Agnes Mazot.
Thank you to Jonathan Darby DTM who recorded both of the accessibility workshop sessions.
Thank you too to all those who shared challenges, some for the first time. These sessions highlighted several thoughts:
  • This is a much, much wider subject than it first appears
  • Toastmasters can help with many confidence challenges in addition to public speaking
  • Talking about these challenges is a leadership opportunity – helping is a mentoring one

Links to the two sessions are below; two completely different sessions that sent similar messages:

May 7th:

May 8th:

If you’ve listened to this session and are thinking “I do that!” – you now know the key is to speak up. And if you’ve come across this by searching YouTube, then you know your starting point is to Google “Toastmasters” to find a club to visit.

"How To Eat An Elephant" - Podcasting Workshop

A workshop by our passionate podcaster Jan Stroup, VC4 Toastmasters Napier

If you are thinking:

  • It is too hard!
  • Don’t you need mad computer skills?
  • I can’t afford it.
  • What has it got to do with Toastmasters?
  • I don’t have any recording equipment.
  • Doesn’t it take a lot of time?
  • I’m quite happy just making speeches to my club.
  • It is not required to complete my pathway.
  • I don’t know how to begin!

After this session, you may change that to:

  • I can do this!
  • This might not be as hard as I thought
  • I can use the equipment I have now, at least to get started.
  • This uses all the skills I’ve learned in Toastmasters?
  • I have a phone and it has a microphone and speaker – that will do.
  • I can start with the time I have and work up from there?
  • Maybe I can expand my comfort zone.
  • It might just be fun and help in the day job.
  • I now know how to begin!

Workshop link:

“A journey of a thousand podcasts begins with a single sentence” – with apologies to Mao Tse-Tung

"Speech As A Sense" - Jon Hunter

Every time you speak you face a choice: you can be in presentation mode or you can be present. What if we could use the voice – as if it were a sense (like sight, hearing, smell etc.) – as a means to discover and literally make sense of the world around us?

Yes, you can!

Workshop link:

“I don’t paint to convey the scene – I paint to convey the sensation of being there” – Frances Hodgson. She was a good speaker, as well.

"Life, Unlimited" - Korrin Barrett

Winston Churchill inveigled the British people to “Never, ever, ever give up”. Korrin embodies the motivation behind this.

May 8th: 

"Confidence with the Camera" - by Walter Neilands

This is for everyone who sits in Zoom sessions with the camera off – or never got round to doing the legacy “Communicating on Video” manual. Walter reckons anyone can learn to look confident and professional on camera. This is a practical session for  those sick of the camera showing off your bald patch or pointing up your left nostril!

Workshop link:

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