Run the Red Team

Run The Red Roll of Honour

While a few can have a dream, it takes many to make that dream come true. The dreamers would like to thank and recognise

Administration and record-keeping

Accurate records are essential to any chance of success for events such as this. This record could not have been broken without the dedication of:

Sandy Hu
Erica Richardson
Val Wightman
Samantha Jung-FIelding


Run the Red contained 381 speeches given by 171 Toastmasters travelling from all over New Zealand to be here. Additionally we had speakers from Australia and India, making it a truly International Toastmaster event.

Akiko Maruno (Auckland Advanced)
Alastair Priestley (Morning Toast)
Alex Saifiti (MITE Speakers)
Alun Chisholm (Auckland Advanced, Pakuranga)
Andre van Duiven (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Andrew Pass (Orakei)
Andrew Reynolds (Maungekiekie)
Ange Steiger (Auckland Advanced)
Angela Guptill (Manurewa T.A.L.K. )
Angela Kabosobokwe (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Angela Norman (TopStart)
Anna Coleman (Napier)
Anna Wong (Eco City Waitakere)
Annabel Valdez-Chiong (MITe Speakers)
Annette Fenton (Academic)
Aroha Heene (Northwest)
Ashley Doo (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Barry Shaw (MCBC)
Bella Feng (Mt Albert)
Beryl Bourhill (Auckland Advanced)
Bradley Hedger (Top Start)
Brendan Richardson (Auckland West, Silver Service)
Brian Gillespie (Lake City Breakfast)
Carolyn Peat (Maungakiekie)
Carolyn Swift (Orakei)
Catherine Purdie (Harrison Road)
Catherine Syme (Talking Heads)
Chandler Cheng (Auckland West)
Chitra Bansal (MCBC)
Christian Erick (Sylvia Park)
Christine Alcott (Auckland Advanced, Pakuranga)
Christine Grayson (Manurewa T.A.L.K. )
Cliff Hall (Akld West)
Cliff Kerr-Phillips (Sunnynook)
Craig Martin (Ellerslie Sunrise, MITe)
Cynthia Mitchell (Silver Service)
Daniel Dayong Wang (Albany)
Darralyn Keil (Ellerslie Sunrise)
David Nottage (East Coast Bays)
Dayal Withana (EcoCity)
Deborah Giesler (Silver Service)
Devi Subramaniam Jackson (MITe Speakers)
Dione Coleman (Silver Service)
Elaine Yuan (Eden-Epsom)
Elizabeth Owen (IPU New Zealand)
Elo Anajemba (Henderson-Waitakere)
Emily Glew (Hokianga)
Erica Richardson (Silver Service)
Erin Daldry (Wellington – District 72)
Fiona Hippolite (MCBC)
Frank Phillips (Auckland Advanced, Glenfield)
Georgina Templeton (Dynamic Diners)
Giyora Barzilay (Eden-Epsom)
Glen Irving (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Gordon Rutherford (Talking Heads)
Graeme Kettle (Hokianga)
Grant Matthews (Manukau)
Grant Pepper (Papakura)
Greg Barnes (ELIM)
Greg Longstaff (Manukau)
Grisha Kiselev (Research on Toast)
Hazel Moran (Three Kings)
Helen Gaensicke (Long Bay)
Hitesh Lad (Wiri Ramblers)
James Hippolite (MCBC)
James Parker (Mt Albert)
Jane Cobcroft (Silver Service)
Jaynesh Patel (Te Papa)
Jennifer Kerr (Franklin)
Jilnaught Wong (Auckland, Morning Toast)
Joan Hook (Silver Service)
Joanne Rutherford (Orakei)
John DiLeo (Orion Health)
John O’Connell (Hokianga)
John O’Leary (Auckland Advanced)
Jonathan Darby (Silver Service, Pacific)
Jonathan McDonald (Academic)
Josh Rippon (Auckland Toastmasters)
Judit Nikolic (Maungakiekie)
Julius Bloem (Papakura)
Karen Le Roy (North Shore)
Katrina Hudson (Te Awamutu)
Katrina Matich (Weekend)
Kenneth Thomas (Manurewa T.A.L.K. )
Kevin Ball (Taupo Club)
Kevin Prohl (Three Kings)
Kevin Smith (2Degrees)
Kingsley Moody (Sunnynook)
Kirsten McDonald (Orakei)
Kulesh de Silva (ELIM)
Kylee Maloney (Palmerston North)
Lakshman Sockalingam (Three Kings)
Lance Clark (Mite Speakers)
Lance Knyvett (Maungakiekie)
Laura Bates (West Harbour)
Liam Oades (Manurewa T.A.L.K. )
Lily Liao (Orakei)
Linee van Der Meer (Maungakiekie)
Mabel Fernandes (Maungakiekie)
Magda van Rooyen (Ablaze )
Maggie Twaddle (North Shore)
Mari Fenn (Howick)
Mark Adams (One Hour)
Mark Easthope (Morning Toast)
Mark Hornblow (Daybreak)
Marlene Krone (Silver Service)
Martin Francis (Manurewa T.A.L.K. )
Matt Meintjes (Albany)
Matt Smitheram (Biztalk)
Maxine Nisbet (Auckland Advanced)
Michael Chan (Queanbeyan – District 70, Australia)
Mike Diggins (Maungakiekie)
Min Sheen Tan (Auckland West)
Miranda Vriend (Sunbelt – District 72)
Mitchell Foster (Eden-Epsom)
Monica Bayldon (Orakei)
Murray Coutts (Silverdale/Orewa, Warkworth)
Naresh Kumar (Albany)
Nathan Saminathan (Auckland Advanced)
Neela Lumanglas (Weekend)
Neil Stichbury (Fidelity Life, Franklin)
Nicki Keating (Auckland West)
Nico Lumanglas (Orakei)
Nigel Michels (Taupo Club)
Ody Lumanglas (Weekend)
Pamela Martin (First Light)
Penny Kennett (Orakei)
Peter Chatteris (Orakei)
Peter McCutcheon (Auckland Advanced, Flying Start)
Peter Dennis (Silver Service)
Pratik Mehta (Biztalk)
Priscilla Taylor (Silver Service)
Priya Shukla (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Rachel Evans (Manurewa T.A.L.K. , Papakura)
Ravneet Taneja (Papakura)
Rebecca Rempel (Orakei)
Renate Barrack (Manurewa T.A.L.K. )
Richard Perkins (Pioneers, Rotorua)
Robert Grewar (Takapuna Toasters)
Rob Wightman (Albany, Auckland Advanced)
Robert Wong (Maungakiekie)
Romain Deleglise (Shortland Street)
Rosemarie Johnson (Takapuna Toasters)
Ruby Mok (Eden-Epsom)
Ruth Malo (Pacific)
Sam Lloyd (Daybreak Leadership)
Samantha Jung-Fielding (Auckland Toastmasters)
Sandy Hu (Mt. Albert)
Scott Martins (Manukau)
Sean Walton (Silver Service)
Serena Irving (Silver Service)
Sharon Kerr-Phillips (Milford, Sunnynook)
Shaun Reilly (Hokianga)
Sherine Cameron (Maungakiekie)
Sherman Wang (Albany, Kristin)
Shishir Kumar (Albany)
Shofe Miraz (Maungakiekie)
Shona Hoggins (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Sonley Johnstone (Warkworth)
Sowmya Raman (Bangalore TM – District 92, India)
Stephen Budai (Silver Service)
Sue Phillips (Silver Service)
Toni Sharp (Taupo Club)
Troy Smith (Hokianga, Kerikeri)
Tuvalu Papau (Northwest)
Wallis Walker (Maungakiekie)
Walter Hsueh (Ellerslie Sunrise)
Waqar Ahmed (Albany)
Warrick Loveday (Franklin)
Wayne Marsh (Manukau)
William Yang (Glenfield)


Heartfelt thanks go to those who freely gave their time to act as independent witnesses:

The Official Witnesses, some 24 of them, many from supportive organisations including;

The Lions Clubs
The Justice of the Peace Association
Volunteer Auckland
The Hive Accounting Ltd.

The Waipuna team

A good number of venues were approached for this event, but only one was able to provide 24 hour access for 6 days.
Thnaks to Michelle Gain and all the Waipuna Hotel and convention staff who looked after us so well throughout a very long event.
The Guinness World Record certificate presented to Waipuna is mounted in Reception, on the left as you enter the Hotel.