What’s World speech day?

Good question. Put simply, its a celebration aimed at helping people find their voice. World Speech Day started in 2015 in 30 coutries and has grown to almost 1,000 events in over 100. In 2020, it came to New Zealand. Anyone can organise an event – anyone can give a speech. The 2020 theme was “Using the simple power of speech to share ideas”.


World Speech Day runs each year on March 15. Should that be a Sunday, the “Day” includes March 16 as well.

what is Toastmasters doing?

A small number of events were organised in 2020 to coincide with the day. However, in the last year, World Speech Day has become a not for profit organisation and Toastmasters rules prohibit our direct endorsement of other such organsiations.

However, there is no prohibition on organising events under the Toastmasters banner that encourage members of the public to find their voice. Anyone can organise such an event and District 112 encourages you to do this. They are public events – you don’t have to be a Toastmaster to speak. However, while an event can be supported by Disrict, it needs to be organised by a club. As you see below, events can be anywhere, and because they promote Toastmasters, please talk to your Club Growth Director ([email protected]) about funding if you need it.

Remember – your event may help others complete awards. It could also be a dubject for your High Performance Leadership (HPL) project!

confirmed events


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