Toni Sharp

Toni Sharp

Now is the time to embark on the Toastmasters journey of self discovery and personal development!

Kindly allow me to share my story with you!

I began my personal Toastmasters journey officially in March of 2002.  My reason for joining was to learn how to better structure my presentations in order to ensure my audiences received the messages I intended for them to hear in a timely organised manner.

Did I achieve my goal?  Yes!  Achieved and exceeded!

Once I achieved my initial goal it had become more than evident to me that presenting speeches was only one component of what Toastmasters had to offer.  The leadership track unfurled its immense opportunities to me from starting with small roles within a meeting to National Leadership opportunities.  Alongside these streams has also been the opportunity to build networks and develop lifelong friendships.

Why have I stayed on?  To be honest because I am afraid I will miss valuable learnings, lessons and information if I were not to be present for a club meeting.

Toastmasters experiential learning programme is self directed, constructive and supportive.  I encourage anyone over the age of 18 who has the desire to build networks, generate friendships and develop confidence; to step outside your comfort zone and find a club near you.

Toastfully yours

Toni Sharp QSM DTM

District 112 Director 2018 – 2019

[email protected]