District 112 Citations and Service Awards

You can find descriptions and detailed criteria for all these awards on the District Documents page. The  D112 Procedures document (Section 10 and Appendix) refers.
Awards will be presented either at the September District Awards Ceremory, or the May District Conference.


This award recognises contributions to the District over several years (as opposed to the Toastmaster of the Year awards, which cover the preceding year only).

2018 – 2019

2019 – 2020
2020 – 2021

Craig Robinson DTM
Kingsley Moody DTM, PDDG


This award recognises activity and commitment across all the clubs of which the recipient is a member.

2018 – 2019








2019 – 2020

Alan Cobcroft DTM
Alun Chisholm DTM
Beryl Bourhill DTM
Brian Turner
Chrissy Meyer DTM
Dawson Owen
Graham Gunn DTM
Ian Wright
Jane Cobcroft DTM
Margaret King
Mike Rapson
Peter Elliott DTM
Philip Oliver
Rodney Lewis DTM
Simon Austin DTM
Tony Keegan DTM