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District Leadership Team Contact List

The purpose of the District Leadership Team is to implement the District mission: to assist club growth and membership retention.

The team members are:

  • District Director – acts as team leader and guide, setting the tone and direction for the entire District (Click here to email)
  • Program Quality Director – responsible for District-led education and training initiatives, including recognition of achievement (Click here to email)
  • Club Growth Director – responsible for District-led marketing, club-building and club-retention programs and support of “challenged” clubs (Click here to email)
  • Administration Manager – responsible for maintaining current and historical records of District business and achievements (Click here to email)
  • Finance Manager – responsible for developing, recommending and monitoring an effective plan for usage of financial resources (Click here to email)
  • Public Relations Manager – responsible for District-led publicity efforts and lines of communication with members and the public (Click here to email)

Additional roles defined for District 112 are:

  • Immediate Past District Director – provides counsel and guidance to current team members (Click here to email)
  • District Parliamentarian – assists the District Director with district meetings by interpreting Toastmasters and District policies and procedures (Click here to email)
  • Logistics Manager – responsible for setting up District meetings and tracking of assets (Click here to email)