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District Field Officer Contact List

The purpose of the District Field Officers is to work with members of the Leadership Team and assist them in achieving their objectives.

For convenience, the list below is loosely grouped according to function:

Education and technical support

  • Pathways Champions Group – provides individual and group support for Pathways issues (Click here to email)
  • IT Support – provides advice on general IT issues (Click here to email)
  • Zoom support – advises on connection and usage issues with Zoom, assists with training when requested (Click here to email)
  • FreeToastHost support – advises on, and assists with training for, FreeToastHost sites (Click here to email)
  • Information line – standard communication channel for general enquiries from members and the public (Click here to email)
  • Directories Officer – provides support for communications issues, including maintenance of club email addresses (Click here to email)
  • Webmaster – maintains, supports and handles feedback for the District 112 website, under guidance from the District Director (Click here to email)
  • Youth Leadership Chair – advises on  and where required coordinates Youth Leadership courses (Click here to email)
  • Zoom Master – Zoom support during District-sponsored events(Click here to email)

Conference personnel

  • Conference Consultant – provides guidance for conference committees (Click here to email)
  • Conference Chair – responsible for overall organisation of a conference under District guidelines and requirements (Click here to email)
  • Conference Registrar – responsible effective conference registration processes before and during a conference (Click here to email)
  • Conference Treasurer – responsible for management of member and District funds relating to a conference (Click here to email)

Other field roles

  • Alignments Chair – oversees any required alignments for clubs, areas and divisions (Click here to email)
  • District Auditor – assists the District Finance Manager with auditing procedures and arranges audits of District accounts as required (Click here to email)
  • District Statistician – assists the Administration Manager with statistical record-keeping and analysis (Click here to email)
  • Membership Retention Chair – assists the Club Growth Director with membership retention campaigns (Click here to email)
  • Marketing Chair – assists the Club Growth Director with marketing campaigns (Click here to email)
  • Surveys Coordinator – runs surveys under the guidance of the Leadership Team (Click here to email)
  • District Leadership Committee Chair – coordinates the DLC in interviewing and recommending candidates for elected District office (Click here to email)