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The Toastmasters District Council

The District council meets twice a year, either in person or as a virtual group. It has two main functions; to elect the District’s Leadership Team, and to carry out the business of the District.
Please open the sections below for answers to questions about the Council.

The District Council consists of the Elected District Officers (see this link for a list) plus

District Administration Manager
District Finance Manager
District Public Relations Manager
District Parliamentarian
Area Directors
Club Presidents
Club Vice Presidents (Education)

Each member holds a vote in their own right. Club officers who are also District Officers hold a vote for each office. Club officers who cannot attend an in-person meeting may send another member of their club as a proxy vote.

The District Council has two business sessions a year; this is a requirement of Toastmasters. One is similar to the Annual Business Meeting of a club and is held at the District Conference in May; the other is held between September and November. Meetings may be either in-person or virtual. 
The Council cannot ratify decisions unless a quorum (50% of voting members plus one) is present.

The Council procedure requires members be notified of relevant documents before (ideally, six weeks before) the meeting. District Documents are posted to the District website under District in the “Members Quick Links” area of the homepage.
Council members need to be familiar with the contents of the documents, particular any motions on notice that are to be voted on. You may wish to canvas the members of your club on how they would like you to vote.

Each candidate may run a campaign. As well as talking to members, they can publish two campaign newsletters stating their views. They also take part in the “Candidates Showcase” which normally takes place the Friday of the District Conference weekend. The Showcase includes brief interviews with all candidates who wish to participate.