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Conference Workshops

Korrin "Life Unlimited" Barrett (Sunday morning ONLY)

If you watched the TV series “I Am” recently, you’ll have seen why Korrin makes an ideal motivational speaker. Find out more about Korrin at her website and for more details of her workshop and keynote, click here

Speech As A Sense - Jon Hunter (Saturday and Sunday)

Writer and filmmaker David Mamet’s advice to the actor is simple: invent nothing, deny nothing. We would do well to apply this to communication in general. Every time you speak you face a choice: you can be in presentation mode or you can be present. What is it to prioritise discovery over delivery? What is it to use the voice as if it were a sense (like sight, hearing, smell etc.) – as a means to discover and literally make sense of the world around us?

Jon Hunter is a leading acting and voice coach in Aotearoa, having coached performance at the highest level in the acting and music industries. He was a Senior Acting Tutor and Head of Voice at Toi Whakaari: NZ Drama School for seven years before returning to freelancing, which he does now under the banner of The Radical Actor.

Confidence with the Camera - Walter Neilands (Saturday and Sunday)

This is for everyone who sits in Zoom sessions with the camera off – or never got round to doing the legacy “Communicating on Video” manual. Walter runs ScreenGraband from his work in children’s television, reckons anyone can look confident and professional on camera. This is a practical session – so if you’re sick of the camera showing off your bald patch or pointing up your left nostril, be there!

"Don't Dis My Ability" - Panel Discussion (Saturday and Sunday)

Accessibility used to be about hearing aids, accommodating wheelchairs, and screen readers, but its much more these days. From spelling Taupō properly, to being forced to write with your “right” hand, to being unable to hear people who insist on whispering, even “minor” disabilities affect confidence. Many, however, put up with them rather than speak up about them. This session is about how you can change that – and how Toastmasters can help.

What’s in it for you? Watch our one-minute  video promotion and find out!

How to Eat An Elephant - Jan Stroup (Saturday and Sunday)

Perhaps you have heard of Toastmaster’s Podcast Project. You may have even glanced at the objectives and tasks involved, felt overwhelmed, and quickly moved on. Be encouraged – this project is not as hard as it sounds, is available for every Toastmaster, and is actually a lot of fun! Sounds good? It will sound better if you watch our one-minute video promotion!

Come join us for this engaging, interactive and informative workshop and discover how to unleash your hidden podcaster. Still hungry? Click here to learn more!