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Your elected candidates for District Leadership Roles

The candidates below have been elected for District Leadership roles next year. 

Program Quality Director Wendy Wickliffe DTM (July 2021 - June 2022) Wendy Wickliffe, DTM
Currently Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director 2020-2021 Director, Division P Director 2019-2020, Area Director 2018-2019, served as club President three and VP Education six times and VP Membership once. Has also sponsored three clubs and mentored one club. I am very proud of our District and how we have all coped with the changes due to Covid. I wish to continue to be part of the District team to support members and clubs hold quality meetings, help members embrace challenges as opportunities, so that all members can learn new skills and feel that they get value for being a Toastmaster member.
Club Growth Director James Hippolite DTM (July 2021 - June 2022) James Hippolite, DTM
Born and raised in Nelson. Educated in Wellington. Started working for Telecom in 2005, promoted to Auckland in Dec 2012. Currently a Full Stack .NET Developer for Datacom. Father of 3: Husband of 1. Currently Club Growth Director, President’s Distinguished Division O Director 2019-2020, President’s Distinguished Area O3 Director 2018-19, served as a Club Coach (club became Distinguished), Club President and VP Education.
“I believe in Toastmasters as an organisation has the potential to bring out the best in people (either communication or leadership). That’s a winning strategy I want to be a part of. Personally, Toastmasters has given me many more opportunities to speak and lead than would have been possible.”
Ben Ross, SR, VC Ben has been a Toastmaster since 2018 (on his second stint) and is currently serving as the Division O Director, Club Mentor to Commercial Bay Toastmasters, and as Sergeant at Arms to MCBC Toastmasters, and Online Training and Coaching Club. Previously Ben has served as an Area Director, and Vice President of Public Relations at MCBC Toastmasters. Ben relishes stepping (or landing) into leadership roles with his altruistic and democratic style allowing those working with him to operate often in an autonomous setting under a basic framework. Ben is also a champion of Pathways with his well-known saying “Everything can be signed off as a Pathways Project (no matter if in or outside of Toastmasters)”. And yes, that means your Keynote at that work conference probably got evaluated by Ben.
Richard Perkins, DTM
Since joining Toastmasters in 1997, Richard’s achievements have been significant. He has gained the DTM award three times, been voted as Division Toastmaster of the year twice, and Area Toastmaster of the year four times. Richard has held a number of District roles including Conference Coordinator in 2016, Division Director 2015, Area Director five times, Youth Leadership Coordinator for three years and has twice been a member of the Nominations Committee.
“Serving as Club Growth Director will enable me to give back to Toastmasters, and in the process, further challenge myself. Toastmasters has assisted me in my life leading a volunteer group of 750 people and, of course, public speaking. Just as I have assisted others gaining their DTM’s, I want to be part of the winning team and help all clubs and members achieve excellence. I am very excited at the possibilities.”
Ines Curin
“I was born in Croatia, and my parents brought me to New Zealand when I was eight years old. I think this experience helped me build resilience to face any situations head-on. I’ve been married to my childhood sweetheart Dennis for 27 years. We have two fantastic adult children who show me how to be the best version of myself every day. I have been in Toastmaster for 5 years and currently belong to a Training and Coaching Online Club. I am currently the Area K3 Director. I am really excited and looking forward to my role as a Division K Director to further develop my leadership skill and support my Area K Directors. My goal as a Division Director is to inspire and encourage others by sharing my personal experience of Toastmasters. I believe conquering your fear of public speaking opens doors to endless possibilities.”
Meegan Herewini, EC4 Joined Toastmasters in 2019, held the roles of Sergeant at Arms, VPs Public Relations and Education and President and mentored two clubs. Currently Area Director. “A great man said to me once, ‘there are two types of Toastmasters.  Those who stay for a short time and those who stay for a lifetime’. To say that Toastmasters has changed my life is not an exaggeration.  Aside from giving me more confidence in myself, leadership skills and an overall stronger belief in who I am, Toastmasters has also given me a voice.  Not only through the speeches that I write but also in my willingness to share my thoughts and desires. I joined Toastmasters to improve me and then quickly realised that I could extend that out to ‘we’ by simply turning up and playing my part in my Club, my Area, and my Division. I’ve only been a Toastmaster for short time, but I’m comfortable with the thought of being a Toastmaster for a lifetime”
Actual appearance may differ NOTE: Actual appearance may vary.

The role will be appointed by the District Director (elect) – candidates should contact Wendy Wickliffe in the first instance.
Suzy Elks, LD5
Suzy joined Toastmasters in late 2017 and has held several Club Officer roles including VPPR, President and Secretary. From 2018 until 2020 Suzy successfully competed in the Speech Contests, in particular the Evaluation Contest (placing 2nd at the District final) and Table Topics Contest (2nd at Division final). This was a considerable achievement for someone who had previously been “absolutely terrified” of speaking in front of others!

In 2020 Suzy served as the Area L1 Director and was thrilled to receive the award for Area Director for the year. Suzy has been involved in numerous Club Officer Training rounds, leading breakout sessions and presenting workshops. Over the years she has enjoyed mentoring many proteges on their Toastmasters journey.

In 2021 Suzy stepped up as the Division L Director, which has been a role that has provided the most growth, fun, challenges, and opportunities.

This year Suzy is excited to have the opportunity to serve Division N as their Division Director. She is really looking forward to working alongside members, Club Officers, and District Leaders to continue to promote the Toastmasters core values, whilst focusing on greater membership growth and retention.

Suzy continues to be amazed at the hugely positive impact that Toastmaster’s has had on both herself and on her fellow Toastmasters. She is incredibly passionate and enthusiastic about sharing the many benefits of Toastmaster’s with as many people as possible. She believes Toastmasters can be life changing, offering members fantastic leadership skills, improved communication and a multitude of skills that can greatly enhance member’s professional and personal lives.
Nathan Piahana, IP5
Nathan joined toastmasters late 2018 and has served in several executives across the Division; in Area O2 he is the current Area Director of six clubs, in Area O3 he was a Secretary, and in Area O4 he has been everything except Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms. Nathan spent his first two-years competing and experienced success making it to Division in two categories: Evaluation and International.
Nathan has also received recognition as Division O Toastmaster of the Year for 2019-2020, and recently, at his home clubs 300th Meeting Anniversary for his home club, MCBC, was awarded the Mentor of the Year tribute award in memory of the late Kingsley Moody.
Nathan loves Toastmasters because it has given him a platform to reach his full potential and become the speaker and leader that he was born to be. When Nathan discovered the General Evaluation role, something about it resonated deep inside him, probably because it perfectly aligned with how he views the world – always striving to make things run more efficiently, like clockwork. He is passionate about realising and becoming our best selves, and he’s committed to making others around him better by sharing the benefits that he has gained from Toastmasters.
Te Maramatanga Hohaia Te Maramatanga Hohaia, DL Te Maramatanga joined Naumai South Taranaki Toastmasters Club in 2019, standing up as a club officer in 2020 and stepping up into Area Director role in 2021. These key moments led Te Maramatanga to speaking up for Division P Director role in 2022. As a District Officer, Te Maramatanga is here to serve club members and Clubs, to advance their aspirations and success. “As a Toastmasters District 112 member, you too can contribute to the success of your fellow Toastmasters. One way is through exemplifying the integrity, respect, excellence, and service of a Toastmaster, and the other, is by being you and doing you – authentically advancing aspirations.”
Margaret Simons, CTM, ATMB, OCL, ATMS, ACG, ALB, EC4, PM3
“I have been a Toastmaster since 2000. The clubs I have belonged to are Waiheke Island, Meadowbank, Eden Epsom, Remuera, Rotorua, Geyserland, Talk of the Town and PN Advanced. Roles held during my time with Toastmasters are Sergeant at Arms, VP Public Relations, VP Membership, VP Education and Area Director.
My strategic planning, financial skills, and ability to develop procedures have been further enhanced through my work experience managing motels and hotels. I am enthusiastic about what Toastmasters can offer members in terms of growth, development of skills and confidence, as well as leadership skills. My goal is to contribute to support others to make clubs strong and vibrant so members can benefit in these ways.
Overall, I have learnt the importance of listening to others to recognise people’s needs and ambitions. Different clubs may need different types of support depending on strength of membership, members experience and the culture of the club. I have always found that if people feel valued and their contributions are recognised, they will give their best to a business or a club.”
Neville Isherwood Neville Isherwood, DTM
“I have been a Toastmaster since 2006. I have been Area Governor/Director three times and have twice been Division Director.
My vision for Division R is to ensure that members have all the resources they need to achieve their own goals. If the members achieve their goals, so will the clubs, the areas, and the division.
I am always available to assist Division R members in whatever way they require.”

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