Why YOU need to read this month's updates

Because as usual its brief, well-written and informative, but this month your officers will learn how your feedback has influenced their training.

How do we shorten training and improve the information? You will love the answer!


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In this newsletter

District Director Stephen Budai, DTM:

  • You can help the well-being of our members
  • Contests and judges
  • District Executive meeting
  • Club Officer Training
  • Town Hall
  • Taupo Conference
  • Evaluation and International Contests

Program Quality Director Wendy Wickliffe, DTM:

  • Pathways Support – Member Questionnaire
  • Club Officer Training is Changing – see more details

Club Growth Director James Hippolite, DTM:

  • Message from our International President
  • Area Achievements
  • Where will your CGD be this month?
  •  Clubs in formation
  • Club spotlight
  • Club renewals
  • Promotions
  • Club coaches
  • Club sponsors and mentors

Public Relations Manager, Elizabeth Viljoen:

  • District Conference
  • District social media calendar